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If: Intermittent Fasting Tracker

Your countdown to a permanently slim body!

Nutrition plans

  • Intermittent fasting easy explained
  • Tips and tricks for your individual needs
  • Comprehensive knowledge about Intermittent Fasting with scientific background and evidence
  • Holistic lessons about intermittent fasting, nutrition, tips, exercise and sports, and mind and sleep.
  • Integrate weight loss booster - lose weight faster
  • Daily lessons take you one step further every day - from beginner to fasting pro


  • tailored to you: whether you eat vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian or all of the above
  • that will protect you from cravings during fasting time
  • that protect you from the yo-yo effect
  • that boost your weight loss success
  • that make you full and happy
  • that you and your family will enjoy
  • where you can specify intolerances or allergies and choose special diets like keto

The If APP as a coach

  • Fast and lose weight easier with motivational features
  • With intelligent fasting clock (fasting tracker/fasting planner): When can I eat, when do I fast?
  • Customized settings possible
  • Water Tracker - Are you drinking enough? We remind you! How much should you drink? We calculate it for you!
  • Statistics for your success: tracker for weight and measurements, BMI calculator for free


  • Join the exclusive Facebook group
  • Achieving goals together
  • Mutual support, advice & even more recipes
  • Achieve success faster
  • The biggest weight loss traps permanently exposed

Personal Support

  • Our experts advise you individually
  • They answer every question
  • Tuning to your everyday life
  • You are not alone!

Achieve goals

  • Weight reduction
  • No yoyo effect!
  • Permanently slim & healthy
  • Fat loss
  • Increase your weight loss success with special recipes & coaching

The perfect app for beginners & fasting professionals

Your unbeatable daily companion during your fasting time

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